How Writing a Resumé Can Tell You What To Do Next

It took me about fifteen focused hours of work to update my resume. When I started, I figured I could have something worth sending out in three or four hours at most. What happened was that I had to re-evalute many aspects of my life and try to put them down on paper.

That made me think hard about my past, as well as what I needed to accomplish in order to have the future I want. I wrote out all the things I am good at and all the things I am bad at, and then I wrote reasons why that might be, and then I wrote down anything I could think of that would prove to an outside party that I had the skills I was claiming I had.

Well, that’s where I ran into trouble!

I don’t have much of a portfolio at the moment, and I need to get one together ASAP.

If your resume is not getting you any callbacks, try writing the resume you wish you had, and then seeing what steps you need to take to get there. Maybe you’re a great marketer, but employers are looking for some hard evidence for those claims you are making.

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