So in the course of writing my next blog post for (set to appear on Monday), I came across Paul Salvette. Salvette is an ebook designer who has written a book that shows people how to create professional ebooks from the ground up.

The problem with the internet is as soon as you decide to do something you find someone who already did it. It’s pretty frustrating and disheartening. Now I am discouraged.

I guess I will just keep writing the blog anyway, recycling whatever information I can find through what I hope will be a charming cantankerous-ness. I’m sure it will work out if I keep posting. In any case, maybe someone will ask me to design an ebook for them for money. Then again, I’ve already done that, and it worked out well one time and didn’t work out well another time.

Dang it’s hard to work in here with these cats. I’ll be leaving for actual work soon. They say busy people get things done. Everyone says that. Too much free time is a burden.

Also, whenever I look into the ebook industry, I get kind of disgusted by the amount of ebooks there are out there. I don’t know why, but the fact that anyone can write anything and sell it for money and people spend their time reading it is revolting to me. But what do I want people to spend their time on, if not that? I don’t know. I only have questions, no answers. Shoot here I am writing tw0 blogs, it’s just as bad really.

Things are looking up today!

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