Well I finished writing a new post for Who cares, I just read about XML for five seconds and then wrote down whatever I remembered. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that one, though, since my posting schedule is Mondays and Fridays and I don’t want to mess that up. The key to blog success, according to everyone, is consistency. People say that all the time. Consistency is key.

Well, you know what? Consistency is boring and repetitive. And it’s hard to keep up. I mean who wants to do something over and over again like that. It’s ridiculous. I’m not for it at all.

But I’m also not for waiting tables. It is annoying. Especially having to go to work at night.

Sometimes I don’t mind my job and sometimes I really don’t like it. Some people might tell me, hey man, you should be more consistent in the way you feel about things. Yeah well who are you anyways, some kind of health nut? I don’t want your money and I’ve got no time for drivel.

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