This Ebook What’s-It is a Lot of Hatshepsut

Oh man, what a world. Seems I was using some old outdated garbage XHTML to make my ebooks when the standard changed to HTML5 years ago. What does that mean? I don’t know what it means!

Alls I know is, making ebooks is rough around here! I spent a year and a half trying to figure this dang thing out and I was on the wrong path.

First I was all excited because I thought I had figured the error out. My cover wasn’t displaying properly on iBooks’s bookshelf. Turned out I had listed this in my manifest:

<item href=”images/cover.jpg” id=”cover.jpg” media-type=”image/jpeg”/>

Where it says id=”cover.jpg” it should have been “cover_image”. Yeah and so that was just lurking around on line 15 or some such of an unreadable content.opf thing. What’s a content.opf thing? I don’t really know!

Alls I’m doing around here is copying and pasting and trial and erroring. Which, as I’ve said before, I find to be more effective than a lot of other deluded crabapple tasting methods, but it’s kind of embarrassing when you’ve got a whole blog dedicated to something that you don’t understand the first thing about!

Look at all these diverse and (relative to the internet) ancient places I had to go to get information on this ebook cover stuff:

Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis (Last Post: 2015)

Chickens in Envelopes: Setting a Cover Image on an ePub Ebook (2013!)

Mobile read forum (2011!!!)

Now I’m not hating on these websites, no way, I am very thankful for their existence. But ePub 3.1, the latest spec from the IDPF (don’t even worry about what that is! Esoteric whatzajammit if you ask me!), came out in January of 2017 for the love of Jehoshaphat! Now, to be fair…now, now now…to be fair the ePub 3.0 came out in 2014 or something like that, who can really tell, but still!

Where’s the final authority on this stuff! Do we even need one? I don’t know, and blimey I don’t care any more. Somebody get me a can of Pringles and an Atari, I’m checking out!

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