Bloggin Ain’t Easy

I was talking to some other people who took John Sonmez’s blogging course the other day and one guy said to me, “Yeah, blogging is hard!”

I was like say whatttt blogging is easy! But then I thought about it and he is right. He started blogging two years ago and then he stopped like nine months in. Blogging is hard because the only way to have a “successful” blog, which for me means a blog that people look at, is to post consistently for a long time. And how many people do that?

Percentage-wise, not many at all. There are literally thousands of blogs (literally literally) literally thousands of literal blogs that get started every literal day, and how many blogs have you heard of? A thousand? Less than that?

Blogging is easy for the first few months, and then it’s hard. But that’s good news, because in order to be successful, maybe you only need to not stop. I guess that’s true about a lot of things, eh.

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