Today I’m publishing my fifth post on

I did manage to learn a few new tricks with ebooks this week, mostly thanks to the problems with Kristina’s ebook that I couldn’t figure out how to fix until I bought Paul Salvette’s guide to everything you need to know about ebooks (you know, the one that makes pretty much pointless).

Neat tricks! Indeed!

You know, I wish I could get past self-censorship. I’m hyper aware of everything that I’m saying and I figure out how silly it sounds right away, and so then I don’t say 95% of it. I think that’s great for sounding smart in a face to face conversation, but it might be working against me since I apply that to many different aspects of my life including applying for jobs.

And that’s your thought of the day!

Man, what is blogging really about anyway? These questions and more, never to be answered!

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