I like one word post titles.

That was the enlightenment I had today. The reason for this post being called Eureka.

No, not really.

Today I learned the blog posts should have many, many paragraphs. You don’t want to put too many sentences in one paragraph. People will look away. They will get bored, they are so DUMB aren’t they!

No, no, just kidding! That’s what they want you to think!

But really, I am going to use a lot of paragraphs from now on. Allows me to change direction quickly, and that’s what’s needed most.

I’ve been busy this week, so don’t ask me any questions about that, because anyway I’m very busy now. My post took me four hours today, and I know, you won’t believe it when you see it. Guess how long this post is going to take?

Five minutes.

Or less.

And look how many paragraphs!

But what I wanted to say here is that I don’t need to just recycle Paul Salvette’s book about ePub creation, instead I can just engage with people somehow. People who are somehow interested in ePubs.

Even though they’re boring.

I can follow the news about ePubs, point out tutorials that actually work, oh yeah and really fine tune the search engine optimization. That’s SEO, for you people who don’t know anything about search engine optimization.

I want someone who googles “ridiculous mumbling weirdo bartender pseudo philosopher deconstructs epub process for no reason at all” to end up smack dab on

Half of writing is knowing your audience.

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