Jay Kay Y’all!

This is my thirteenth post on this particular iteration of my blog. For an entertaining discussion of the superstitions surrounding the number 13, check out this post at Glossophilia.

I don’t believe in superstitions no way not me nuh uhh.

My grandmother was superstitious. She didn’t like when people opened umbrellas in the house. My parents didn’t believe in luck, so when she told us it was “bad luck,” my sister and I were like whattttt are you talking about Mommom?

But you know, superstitions aside, I figured I’d better just get this post out of the way and move on. Pretend like it’s not here, like they do when they skip the thirteenth floor in tall buildings. Everybody knows which floor you’re really on, Fourteen.

That’s a link to a video of Mitch Hedberg, my favorite comedian. The best part about that video is that there are links on the right side to way better videos.

Cheers y’all I’m going to work. It’s going to be amazing. People from all over the world will be like hoo dang you are the best bartender I have ever SEEN! And I’ll be all ‘I know right! haha jay kay y’all jay kay I’m not a narcisissit!’ And they’ll be like No really tho!



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