I’m Busy But I Want to Pretend I’m Still Actively Blogging

A lot has been happening in the two weeks since I last wrote. So much that I didn’t have time to write it down. Most of my writing time has been eaten up by eTrubs.com, my increasingly annoying professional blog where I try, pretty unsuccessfully, to stay on topic. It’s hard to believe, if you read the posts, that I spent any time writing them, and I guess yeah, I didn’t spend the time in the writing so much as just staring at the screen and try to think of something to say about ebooks. I’m starting to think that if someone wanted to give me a job and they went to check out eTrubs.com, they might change their mind. It’s starting to feel counter productive. I’m always second or third or tenth guessing myself so I’m just going to forge ahead and write more dumb things about ebooks anyway in an effort to do the opposite of what I usually do.

I also just write about whatever I want and think that can be a blog post. My friend Frank checked out my blog and said, oh this is some kind of serious thing, because he was expecting that I would write something like a server rant blog. Maybe I should write something more entertaining.

But anyway it doesn’t matter right now, because I just wanted to post something on here, and now I’ve spent thirty minutes typing things and erasing them and I’ve still got a lot to do today.


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