I Apply to Job

I saw this helpful thing I wish I had heard years ago. The guy said that people get discouraged when looking for jobs because no one gets back to them, so they think it has something to do with their resume or cover letter, but really it just has to do with job hunting being a kind of lottery. You have to apply to a hundred places before you get a job, he said, and so just be prepared for that.

I used to think of the time I would spend applying to jobs as almost criminally wasted, since I was clearly not the best applicant and would never get the job and I hated doing it, so why was I doing it? I got discouraged just applying to one job.

I always heard about networking and stuff like that and I would always think why don’t I just network? I’m such a terrible person, I would think, because I’m not networking and getting a job like a smart person.

Well, maybe so. But you know, a friend of mine got a job at a magazine and I asked her how she did and she said she applied to fifty jobs. I should have been inspired then and just applied to fifty jobs, but I still didn’t believe, I mean deep down believe, that that was the way to find a job.

You’ve got to craft an aggressive cover letter and a beautiful resume and have a perfect LinkedIn account and then you’ve got to go to meetups and exchange business cards and then you’ll get a job, I told myself. Then I did none of those things.

Today I applied to Condé Nast as an administrative assistant. In my cover letter, I said that I would assist the administration in every way imaginable. I think that’s a pretty good selling point. Yeah I’m pretty good at writing sales letters.

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